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Fall 2007 Newsflash I'M BACK!!!!!

Hamilton in the news

This is how I spent my first summer vacation.  It was quite hectic.  Being the superstar that I am, my schedule was filled with fashion shoots, pool parties, beach parties, ballgames, and summer romance.  But despite the usual trappings of stardom, I still was able to spend the summer with family and friends, which was the highlight of my summer.  Click my photo to find out how I spent Summer 2005.






To the left is a shot I did for a French magazine for their swimsuit issue.

I was pretty much born into stardom.  The day I was born, they stopped the presses at the Los Angeles Times, and changed the headlines.  From the instant I was born, I was thrust into the spotlight.
Hamilton summertime fun
My Search for Uncle Ren
search for uncle ren
You've heard of 'Where's Waldo?', but where did my Uncle Ren go?  He loves to travel, but I know one thing, he's on the planet earth.  In December 2005, I searched for my Godfather - here's my investigative story.
fall 2007
That's right, I'm back and fresher then ever.  I've got an all new updated and an all new partner in crime - my Hamboy homeboy, the Dawson Doughboy - Daws - visit his website here.  And click here to see how Hammy spent his summer of 2007.
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