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The Audition

A multi-talented, diverse, musical cast for a Loews Cineplex commercial. Includes bonus clips and music talent interviews. Courtesy of Orange Suitcase Productions.

White Gold

White Gold was conceived for the Cinemasports Film Contest in San Francisco in January 2005. Teams had 10 hours to write, shoot and edit a film with a list of surprise ingredients announced at the start of the contest. The four ingredients consisted of: an irrational phobia, a close-up of a tongue licking scene, someone talking about their first love, and a peculiar odor.  White Gold is a gripping tale of a desperate young couple coming to the realization that sperm has value in the black market.  An Ethnic Popnuts Productions Production, with music by the Rocky Bukaki Experience.

"Ethnic Popnuts brings you yet another cocksure adventure that's going to leave you coming back for more" - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun

Dónde Está Ché Pelotas?

Global Transmission's first full-length feature film. This film has been picked to screen at Sundance and The Tribeca Film Festival and will no doubt, be the buzz movie of the year. A story of a silky smooth international spy, known for his elusive ways as well as his incredible sense of fashion. This film is based on a true story.

"I've decided to gouge my eyes out because they will never witness a movie,......or man for that matter, as beautiful as ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ CHE PELOTAS?" - Joel Siegel, Good Morning America


Globe Trekker Bloopers

Some would say that this is more entertaining than the actual Globe Trekker Reel.

Global Motion

Global Motion filmed over a period of 555 days starting, December of 2005. This film is a collection of sights and sounds captured with a small handheld camcorder. It’s a collage with no set plot in mind, of various environments encountered over a 1.5 year journey around the world. During this journey, amateur filmmaker Renato Jose visited over thirty countries touching all seven continents.


Midnight Sonata Reversed

It's a video of me playing Beethoven's midnight sonata in reverse. Sounds pretty trippy and I found this by accident by editing this for something else. About halfway through it switches to me playing forward at normal speed.
I'm also wearing my halloween costume with helmet and goggles on for safety. It's incredible what large amounts of crap that you can create with technology these days.

TEN DAYS :: terese taylor

Terese Taylor and her band on a TEN DAY northwest tour captured on film. It's life on the road of an everyday working band performing their music and the ups and downs of life on the road. A film full of images and sounds that weave through the landscape similar to the music of Terese Taylor.


2011 STIFF

ten days :: terese taylor
the tracker


A gripping tale about a man on a mission. He knows nothing other than the task at hand, which is tracking down his prey.


2012 SFFFF


the russojones bipolar music experience

Video clip we made during rehearsal prior to our stadium filled sold out world tour. Features Rachel Jones providing additional vocals. This was her last tour with the band before she became a full time mommy. She was 8.5 months pregnant during the video shoot but hid the evidence very well.